Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

If you’ve done any research on essential oils, chances are you’ve been overwhelmed to the point of turning back and running far, far away! I get it. My best friend gifted these wonders to me in 2012 and I had zero clue what was inside the little 5ml bottles and why I needed them in my life forever. I’m so glad she did her research and made an educated decision when choosing Young Living because if I were to have had to make that decision, I would have given up with the amount of brands you have to choose from! So here I have put together a brief introduction to EO’s to help you get started! Send me an email at to request more information and receive a free webinar all about OILS! Once you join my team, you receive ongoing support and education and access to some incredible webinars and giveaways! And there is NO membership fee to receive the wholesale membership (this ain’t Costco y’all!) and you don’t have to sell anything. {insert fist bump}

Who, What & Why?

What are essential oils?
  • They are the life force of the plant;  a plant’s defense system, much like our blood. They aid in a healthy immune system, contain hormone-like compounds that initiate cell regeneration, and fight fungus that seek to attack the plant
  • Oils are concentrated liquids extracted and distilled from aromatic plants; they can be distilled from flowers, bark, needles, stems, leaves, or resin; citrus oils are cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit as opposed to steam distilled
  • Essential Oils work at the cellular level to bring balance to the human body

How do essential oils work?

  • Oils work WITH the body to provide support and aid the body in proper function
  • There are oils in this kit that support a healthy immune, respiratory, skeletal, urinary, reproductive, nervous, muscular, lymphatic, integumentary, endocrine, digestive, and circulatory system.
Why Young Living?
Speaking of ingesting oils, let’s talk about why we use Young Living.
  • It is very expensive to distill quality oils.  There is an industry-standard adulteration: many companies put “do not ingest” on their oil bottles. Why would you use something on your skin that you couldn’t safely ingest? The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. Many brands of oils are adulterated with chemicals.
  • Industry-standard dilution: 100 times more lavender is exported fromFrance than is actually distilled there. So obviously the oils are diluted.
  • It takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to yield 1 pound (2cups) of rose essential oil; 6,000pounds of Melissa (lemon balm) to yield 2 cups of Melissa EO. This costs between $9 -15,000 to distill!
Young Living’s Seed to Seal Guarantee
  • Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee, and the practices that make up this guarantee, is exclusive to YL. The guarantee states that YL owns everything from the seeds to the fields in which the seeds are planted, to the distillation practices, to the bottling process. Our products are tested by YL and third party testers throughout the entire process. One of the most loved oils, Valor, was out of stock for over a year because black spruce, which is one of the oils in the blend, had a slow harvest, and YL refused to use lesser spruce oil to make the blend. They would rather an item be out of stock than to offer a sub-par product.
  • 95-98% of essential oil brands choose to purchase their oils already distilled and rebottle and re-label them as their own. Take lavender for instance: most companies routinely test for 5 out of the 400 naturally occurring active constituents in lavender EO. What about the other 395 though? The constituents work synergistically (I love that word) together to create an oil that can have an effect on the body. With YL there are no shortcuts. Nothing is added, nothing taken away. YL owns their process from seed to seal.
Labeling Loopholes
  • We cannot trust terms such as “pure” or “natural.” These terms are not strictly monitored and something can contain as little as 5% plant material and still be labeled“pure.” It could be synthetic, adulterated, or diluted.
  • One brand claims “certified pure therapeutic grade,” yet that is simply a registered trademark of that company! It is nothing more than their own purchase of the right to use that unregulated terminology.
  • Every lot of oil is subjected to a battery of testing that includes heavy metal analysis, flash point, and a host of others. YL guarantees that each lot of oil is clean and pure.
  • YL goes beyond organic standards in the ground in which they grow their crops, and in the manner in which the crops are harvested. All pest control on the farms is performed with essential oils. Members are ALWAYS welcome to visit the farms and distilleries at any time.
Gary Young:  Founder of YL
  • Gary was first introduced to essential oils in1985. He traveled to France to learn more about the French model of aromatherapy. There are three schools of thought when it comes to oil usage: British, French, and German. The French is the only model that sees a need for 100% pure unadulterated oils, as they see a benefit to taking the oils internally.
  • He saw a need for quality oils in the US, and planted his first lavender farm in 1989
  • He created YL Essential Oils in 1994 (they are the most well-respected oil company in the world, and have been in business for over 20 years)
  • Today, YL owns 9 farms around the world, where they plant, grow, and distill their plants for oils

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