Posted on April 28, 2011

Will You Still Follow?

*I have had this post in the ‘draft’ folder just waiting to be finished for over a month now! Ridiculous!

Wow. I’m a slacker when it comes to this blogging thing. This is supposed to be a journal of our life, but right now it would appear our life is pretty boring! To you, the reader.

But it sure ain’t!

Now this picture will tell you that our life ain’t boring! I’ll make this story brief- We have two dead bolts on the front door. Well, I sometimes lock it when we leave through the garage and in this case, we had gone to drop the truck off at the repair shop and had planned to return in my car which does not have a garage door opener. That leaves us with a problem as the top dead bolt cannot be unlocked with a key. It’s for increased security while in the house…Now the story is getting long. So this picture is of Phil climbing up to our balcony with the hope of our door being unlocked. Hannah (My sis in law) and I decide to capture the moment as Phil’s Dad looks on supporting his son’s craziness.

Moving right along…

Our life has been full in every sense of the word these past few months. We have been so busy, but with so many wonderful things!

We helped our friends the Barber’s move into their beautiful new home! (Again, this post has been a work in progress so we actually helped them move back in mid January-And it’s now almost May, ridiculous!)

The Rae Sister’s (V Rae and Ella Rae) performing as always!

We had a Superbowl Party with the Youth Group at Northside which was a ton of fun…except the part where I got hit in the head with a basketball and had a concussion. (Well one pupil was much bigger than the other for a few days…that’s a concussion right?) I wasn’t even playing basketball people! I was posing for a picture. I know, so me.

Me and Ally!

GREAT cake Jodi Turner!
Back to highlighting our most exciting fun from the last few months…After 7 years, we finally got to see Phil’s sister Hannah! Phil’s Dad (who we have seen twice since we had moved away) and Hannah came down at the end of February for a few days. SO exciting to spend some much needed time with them! It’s been so hard to be so far from family for these last 7 years since moving from Canada. But we hope to see them more often now that we live so much closer! And we have a spare bedroom for any of you Canucks that want to come down too!
It was surreal to see Hannah as a grown up! When we left she was 12 and now she’s 20! We had a lot of catching up to do. When we have people visiting us in Georgia it’s very different from when we were in Cali. We had a lot of touristy (that’s a word, right?) things to do and check off our guests lists! What we realized having people come visit us here, is that we have more quality time with people as we don’t get too busy. Huh. That’s one of the greatest things about living here now that I think about it! We don’t have double-decker buses giving tours of our neighborhood anymore. Ahhhh.

Look how excited she was to be with us!

So instead of walking grungy old Hollywood Blvd and taking pics in front of the Hollywood sign, we spent some good quality time together doing the things we all love to do!

This is Phil’s-‘It’s been 7 years since I’ve played soccer-Uh oh!’ face. Phil and his Dad used to play on a league together along with other cousin’s and uncle’s from the Sokic clan. I so miss those days!

Friends of ours joined in on the fun!

I’m sure Lance deserved that…

Now you know I’m never in these pictures since I’m the one snapping! But I had my runnin’ shoes on folks and I DID play. I even scored a goal! Come on, you don’t believe me do you? I don’t blame you, but it’s actually a true story!

See guys! I was totally in the game! I’ve never played in my life, but I had a great time! (for the 5 minutes that I played…)
Stay tuned for more about our time with the fam! We’ll talk about their first visit to Chick-fil-A, the Roswell Mill, Cracker Barrel and more! ‘Cause that’s what you do here.


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Glad you posted! It's always tough to post the first one after it has been awhile. Keep it up and make some short ones if you have to just to keep the habit! (I'm really just preaching to myself.) Love the new background too!


SERIOUSLY – post more often you photoholic! Loving what you're doing with the place. 😉 😉

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