Posted on January 21, 2012

A Christmas To Remember

Family/ Growing Up/ Happily Ever After

I have to admit, I’ve had blogger’s block. I wanted to share how we spent our Christmas, but I spent my day with my dearest friend who blogged about it already herself! You MUST read her post. I was in awe of her creativity and the way in which she captured almost all of the memorable moments of our day. I say ‘almost’ because after I went through my pictures from that day, I realized she may have missed a few candid moments.

Before I continue, you need to read her post. Go. Read it. Now! Click Here-You better obey!

Wasn’t that the cutest blog post ever? I will never forget Christmas of 2011 and so I blog to make sure the memories are captured forever!

I have to mention that over the Christmas break my fabulous small group girls from youth group had a sleepover.

We did the typical sleepover activities…eat 3 days worth of our recommended caloric intake, play truth or dare, (one of the girls may have dunked her head in a toilet) play Dance Revolution, (I still got it…killed every one of them!) played a round of Catch Phrase, (BEST game!) got my hair french braided, wore a face mask and didn’t get more than 3 hours sleep! Love those girls.

Phil has been building the sets for our stage at church lately. The Christmas set needed to be in the style of ‘Whoville’ from the movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas for our ‘Whosoever’ series.

Welcome to Whoville!





And my usual, capturing moments of adorable kiddos like this…



Which brings us to Christmas Day. I know it’s January and you are so over red and green. But bare with me, this is my journal and I can’t move to the present until I document the past. Even if I’m a month late in doing so.

Thank you for your understanding.

As you read in Lauren’s blog at Happily Mother After, we spent Christmas day with her family-I also refer to them as my family. I have known Lauren since we were 2 years old. She’s the only friend I’ve known my whole life! I moved a TON between Ontario, Canada and Merritt Island, Florida growing up, but we always reconnected as if there had been no time apart. I love her like a sister and I am so grateful to live so close to her now and to spend special holidays together!

It’s only fitting to take you back to our early modeling days…

Here is our day Christmas from my lens…



Pancake fun!




Yes, that would be Jonathan filming himself opening presents.


Every angle of this moment was captured.



I seriously love these people!
The Bald-y Boys- This pic looks just like last year!


This is by far one of the funniest shots!
To end the night, we celebrated birth of our Savior with the traditional birthday cake! A tradition in the Fletcher family for years.
Before Brody went to bed, we all sat down at the kitchen table again to read the Christmas story. Chapter by chapter, we were reminded of the story from so long ago that has shaped our lives today.




And even though Brody listened carefully as each of us read, Lauren read the children’s book of the Christmas story as well. Which is where Brody gave his commentary, “Stanky, stanky stable.”.
And then we ended the night with a competitive game of Phase 10. And guess who won?….
Slight addiction to photo collages, I know. I’m so sorry. But they tell a story. Saves you from scrolling, right?
So. That’s Christmas! I’ll be coaching Upward and working in concession stand all day tomorrow so I will try to put another post together as we have some updates to share!

Happily Mother After


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Enjoyed Christmas all over again! It was truly fun celebrating with you and Phil there. Thanks for the memories!!


Great pics and re-cap of a fantastic Christmas celebration. Thanks for coming and for documenting our favorite subject's Christmas. Love ya! JimPop


Oh my sweet friend! You know you are giving me way too much credit but thank you for the many sweet words! I'm sorry you suffered from blogger's block because of it. :/ Glad you got it all out though so that you can keep on posting! I'm lovin' it!


What a wonderful time of year! Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.
I always enjoy discovering new blogs.

(I typed that out because my google name is tied to my other blog ;))

Christina Klas

Two things. 1) love the small group sleepover part… My middle school girls are well overdue for a sleepover! We should have one soon. :)…. 2) is that a picture of everyone touching their nose to see who "Gets" to pray for the meal? 🙂 Cause that's what we do. haha.

Vanessa Rae

You lead MS girls too? You'll have to share some tips with me! And yes, that's us touching our noses trying to "win" the race of who gets to pray over the meal! Fun game. 🙂 Glad you stopped by!

Vanessa Rae

I loved reading your blog too! I'm still humming Christmas music-it's definitely a year round holiday for me!

I'll be sure to visit your blog again soon!

Vanessa Rae

Oh no, you get the credit. SO stinkin' creative. You know I wanted to write a part two to that poem…it just didn't flow.

Now on to writing my 'GIVEAWAY' post!!

Vanessa Rae

Hey, glad I could help. Document that is. And make the party, well, a part-tay!

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