Posted on August 8, 2013

38 Weeks: Breech Bum

breech/ Breech bum/ ECV/ version

I went to my first weekly check-up last Friday and found out that baby E is a little breech bum. Yep. Totally unexpected. I didn’t even bring Phil to the appointment as I thought it would be a quick in and out. Well after a quick peak on ultrasound, it was confirmed that we’ve been poking her head for months! It’s strange because I have been so confident that her head was down with her legs out to my right side for the longest time now. But hey, this is my first time at this whole pregnancy thing so what do I know!?

So here ya go, my 38.5 week shot taken this evening. My face says it all. 
So bummed! I have been planning on trying a natural delivery with the idea that things can change in the heat of things, but this whole breech thing was a shocker. Guess she wants to be like her Momma as I was a breech baby too! The idea of a C-section is so not cool with me. I am willing to try anything to get her to move her little bumbino. So I may have done many flips and handstands in the pool last Saturday. Well after another visit with an OB on Monday, we discovered she was still heads up. So we did an ultrasound to see how her amniotic fluid is looking and how big they thought she is at this point. They guessed around 8 lbs. but they always seem to be off on that. The fluid looked good so we’re going to try an External Cephalic Version. 
PLEASE PRAY! Tomorrow we will go to the hospital for prep at 9am and the version will be attempted at 11am. I will be given a cocktail to relax the uterus and help me with the pain and they will monitor Elliana for a while before the procedure. Then the doctor will attempt to help little E take her first shot at gymnastics with a little flip! 
I know that if she is meant to be breech, then breech she will stay. I also know that she could very well flip on her own as well. But I knew I had to at least try this procedure as it poses very little risk and to me it is worth the possibility of having a natural birth. 
Thank you for your prayers and love! Soon we will meet our sweet baby girl one way or the other and I could not be more excited. God is so good!


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Darwyn Fletcher/Wynni

I have not heard of this procedure so I googled it and watched a video on it. Very interesting and looks very safe! I will be praying for you in the morning at 11am that all goes well according to His plan. I'm so glad you have Phil there to hold your hand. Love you!

Ashley Bridger

Good luck vanessa! Will be thinking of you 🙂


Thinking of you and praying…I've done childbirth 3 different ways (natural, vaginal with an epidural and C-section) and they all have their good points and bad points. Hope it goes well!

Janelle Kimball
Janelle Kimball

I had a version done with my second child. It was a success and I delivered her two weeks later naturally. It is an interesting experience. Hoping for the best for you and baby!

Hannah H.

I will be praying for your little one to flip!!! I had a friend who's baby was head down, then breech, then head down, then breech and then head down the delivery day! He kept flipping all over in her last month of pregnancy. So who knows…maybe Eliana will flip!! But I know that God's in control and no matter how you have to deliver her, you're going to have an amazing beautiful miracle baby in the end!


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