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Hello, Vanessa here! This is a space where you’ll find bits and pieces about our little life in Franklin, Tennessee. You can go read the heart of this blog right HERE. I’m glad you came by. I’m sure we’ll be fast friends! So what’s in a name? It sure has nothing to do with posting daily. {‘Cause that just won’t happen.}

By the grace of God, and through His strength, we are delivered daily.







financial burdens



Meet Me & My Family

Our Family | DailyDelivered.com

Hey y’all! I’m Vanessa the author of this thang.

aspired to be a singer, dancer and actress-but God had better plans!

born in Austin, Texas-raised between Florida and Ontario, Canada

pimento cheese lover

essential oil educator and obsessor

spiders are not welcome in my life and I am unsure as to why God created them

i pretend to be a photographer

lover of baking

folds a fitted sheet like a boss

Jesus fan and I ain’t ashamed



this is my man of 16 years 

born and raised in Ontario, Canada

two months older than me

he loves hunting and guns and stuff

fell for him when I saw him swingin’ a garbage bag over his shoulder

he hearts sparkling water

and bourbon

he is a sock and shoe snob (he owns more shoes than me) truth.

he can build and fix anything

he’s my hero

most importantly, he loves Jesus too

Freshly Picked Moccs | Daily Delivered

born in Atlanta, Georgia

this little one was 9 years in the making

she’s a miracle

lover of sweet potatoes and broccoli

has the vocabulary of a 5 year old

future worship leader and song writer

maker of faces

also a lover of Jesus

Adopting a Teenager | DailyDelivered.com
then there is Teck
adopted July 28th 2016
no, she is not 12 but 18
insanely talented artist
crazy smart
knows 4 languages
had our heart at ‘hello’
loves Jesus with a passion
read part one of her story here
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