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A Mother’s Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

A Mother's Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

Mother’s Day and a day at the spa just go hand in hand! I bet you didn’t know that back in the day I worked for a few different salons and spas! I learned so much about the industry and feel like I could write a book on being the best client, finding the stylist or service provider that fits your needs best and how to tip! So I might just have some high standards after a few years of getting to try out some of the best stylists and spa services back when I lived in Los Angeles!

Soon after moving to Tennessee, I realized that there weren’t many spas to choose from here. Which was really okay, because this Mama sure didn’t have time to pamper herself! I mean seriously, when was the last time you did something just for YOU?! Plus, we are in this whole Dave Ramsey, buy everything with cash season, and there is no line item in the budget for pampering.

But then there is Mother’s Day. A time where Mama’s around the world get a little something special from their loved ones just for THEM!

{and all the praise hands go up!}

A Mother's Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

A Mother's Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

A Mother's Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

The Mother’s Day Spa Experience

I had heard great things about The Woodhouse Day Spa from some locals and decided we would give them a try for a special day of pampering together. In fact, they were named one of the best in Tennessee! First of all, I loved the inviting ambiance in the spa. We were greeted warmly by a spa associate and lead to a dressing room to be fitted with a luxurious robe and reflexology slippers. Mood lighting and a comfy lounge with light snacks, loose-leaf teas and fruit-infused water is key for a perfect spa experience! Teck and I got to hang out for a bit in the Quiet Room where we sipped our tea and giggled with anticipation!

I went with the Mellow Mama massage which is a nurturing full body massage for moms to be. I really didn’t know what to expect but I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to get the full massage experience with the inability to lie on my back. It was surprisingly a very comfortable experience and just what I needed to slow my mind down and unwind. Teck had never had a massage before and she chose the hot stone massage. She could barely walk when she came back into the lounge, she was so relaxed. With having no idea what to expect, the whole experience blew her away!

A Gift for HER

I have been eyeing many of the other services that The Woodhouse Day Spa has to offer. If you strongly dislike the nail salons that smell like chemicals, you’ll definitely want to try out their nail services! I also love that they take a more holistic approach to skin care using certified organic ingredients in many of their treatments. I don’t know about you, but a facial to me is even more relaxing than a massage! The Spa also offers waxing, sleep treatments and body treatments. If only Phil would let me drag him to a spa, because they have incredible packages for two! But hey, with Mother’s Day coming up, at least they have a handful of amazing packages for just us Moms, too.

They even have a special for those who treat their Mother (wife) to a gift card of $250 or more — a beautiful floral robe! So don’t say I never did anything for you ladies, because if you are local, you can just share this post to your wall to give your crew the subtle hint they need to purchase just the right gift. {because you know they haven’t bought you anything yet!}

Question for the comments: What will you be gifting to a Mom this year? OR What would you want to receive?

A Mother's Day of Pampering | A Day at the Spa

A BIG thank you to THE WOODHOUSE day spa in Franklin, TN for giving me this amazing experience with my daughter! While this was a treat from The Woodhouse day spa, all opinions are my own. I can’t wait to hear you tell me how much you enjoyed your Woodhouse experience!
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A Mother’s Guide to Cleaning Less

Cleaning Less | Pregnancy Announcement

Okay, I promise to give you my Mother’s guide to cleaning less, but first things first! Have y’all heard the news?! A teeny tiny baby girl bun is cooking in the oven! In December, I kept thinking I had pregnancy symptoms, but if you know my history, then you will know that I often have pregnancy symptoms. It was like this cruel joke that after a whole lot of negative tests the first 9 years of trying to get pregnant, got a bit old. A bit of that story HERE.

A Mother's Guide to Cleaning Less


Tip #1

Welcome Home a bObi Pet!

We welcomed a new member to the family. He came with a birth certificate and everything (for reals). And hello, he cleans my floors for me at the touch of a button on a Wi-fi enabled remote! You can even set a timer so you don’t even have to tell it when to go to work!

And all the Mama’s said AMEN!

My fav feature is the ‘Waffle’ setting because when you have a toddler, spills happen. It will concentrate on a smaller area of the floor and get the mess all cleaned up! Elli (3.5) has even learned which buttons to press when she spots a mess in the house so if the interface is that simple to learn, then you know it’s a winner!

A Mother's Guide to Cleaning Less

Dogs. You love ’em, but goodness gracious do they ever leave their mark all over your home. I made sure the lovely people at bObsweep understood my needs when it came to pet hair clean up! Take a close look at the picture where Elli is holding the dustbin filled with furry follicles! The bObi Pet model vacuums, sweeps, mops, filters, and disinfects the floor — all at the same time. When I add the mop attachment I spray my Thieves cleaner on the pad to ensure the BEST deep clean! We’re already cleaning less my fellow Mama friends!

More bObi Pet specs and why he’s my new best friend:

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • Illuminated touchscreen buttons: GO!, JUICE, and WAFFLE
  • Silicone touch sensors allow bumper-less detection and navigation
  • Compact design easily slides under beds and furniture
  • Quiet cleaning at less than 65 decibels
  • Washable dustbin can be rinsed out or submerged underwater
  • Back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes double the sweeping power
  • TurboLift vacuum suctions pet hair and dust bunnies
  • Mini-mop shines floors and wipes way paw prints
  • bObsweep’s signature TouchMe texture gives a smooth, silky sensation
  • bObi blOck lets you create a digital boundary to section off part of a room
  • Set a custom cleaning schedule with bObi’s easy-to-use remote
  • JUICE: Automatically plugs into charging station when battery dips below 15%
  • WAFFLE: Concentrates on small spill areas by traveling in a grid pattern

Even Charlee and Rusty have welcomed bObi Pet with open paws.

A Mother's Guide to Cleaning Less

Tip #2

The Basket System

I am a firm believer in cleaning as you go to ensure that you don’t have a big job at the end of the day! Cleaning less is the goal here. Whether you have stairs in your home or you have a mud room area, put a basket out for each member of your family. I cannot stand the randomness from every person that somehow gets strewn about throughout the day. (Myself included!) Everyone knows that as they walk up the stairs to go to their room, they grab anything sitting on the stairs that belongs to them. It works my friends. Here are a few options:

Tip #3

Super Sleuth Activity

Okay, I asked my bestie (who is a self-proclaimed clean nut like me!) what her tricks are to keeping her household of 5 in tip-top shape and she gave me this brilliant idea! When we make chores into a game kids are all about it! Shoot, if only I could make a fun game out of doing the laundry…

The game: Set a timer for say 5 minutes and have your kids run around the house finding anything that belongs to them that is not in its place. Everyone is a winner — am I right parents?! It’s simple and it works!

Now tell me, what are your brilliant tips for cleaning less for the busy Mama?! 

**I received my new best friend bObi Pet to review, but I assure you that my opinions and love for him are completely my own! I hope you make him your BFF too!
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Bringing Home Our Daughter: A First Birthday

Faith/ Family
Bringing Home Our Daughter | Her First Birthday

It’s been 1 year to the day since we brought home our daughter. That means today is her 19th birthday! I totally left you hanging in the first part of her redemption story – sorry bout that! Bringing home our daughter was the most surreal experience and actually a bit terrifying, as we had no idea if something would go wrong. Read more..

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