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Posted on February 13, 2017

Bringing Home Our Daughter: A First Birthday

Faith/ Family
Bringing Home Our Daughter | Her First Birthday

It’s been 1 year to the day since we brought home our daughter. That means today is her 19th birthday! I totally left you hanging in the first part of her redemption story – sorry bout that! Bringing home our daughter was the most surreal experience and actually a bit terrifying, as we had no idea if something would go wrong. Read more..

Posted on December 24, 2016

Organized Mom + Anchored in God’s Word

Faith/ Family
Organized Mom + Anchored in God's Word

I am determined to be an organized Mom who stays anchored in God’s Word in 2017. Who is with me? I have been telling myself to memorize more scripture just for ages and I need to get real about it. It is so helpful when you are facing a trial or need to minister to someone and you have memorized scripture to draw from. I also want to be a better meal planner! I just got an Instant Pot and it’s already been a huge game changer! Have you heard of it?! I put a pot roast on the table in 45 minutes tonight. {and the angels sing!!}

One year I tried to stay organized by using my icalendar on my phone and it was the worst idea since flip phones. I’m just a paper and pen planner kind of gal. I have tried the generic spiral-bounds from the office supply store to the “IT” brands and I’ve always found myself needing more. Read more..

Posted on November 15, 2016

Adopting a Teenager | Her Story of Redemption

Faith/ Family
Adopting A Teenager | A Story of Redemption

During our 9 years of waiting for God to bless us with a child, I can honestly say that adopting a teenager was not on my radar. Little did I know the effervescent overcoming powerhouse of a 4 foot 11 inch girl, would wrangle her way into my heart forever. I always trusted God’s plan for our family, and boy, did He ever have something good for us. Over the last 4+ years I haven’t spoken publicly about this big part of our life, but now that she is officially our daughter, I can–with her elated approval–shout it from the rooftops! We’re both excited to share our story of her teenage adoption and the ways in which we can already see it turning into a beautiful story of redemption! Our God is so good y’all.

Read more..

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